Verizon Grant

iPads seem to be part of a love-hate relationship with the staff and students at Mann Middle School, but what staff and students do if the iPads are taken away along with the Verizon Grant?

The Verizon Grant, a grant which provides each student an iPad along with 5 gigs of data a month allowing students 24/7 access to their education, is supposed to be over at the end of this year, but the librarians at Mann Middle School say there are a fourth and fifth year available and the school might ask for it.

In order to keep the Verizon Grant, right now, Verizon does monthly meetings with Mann Middle School to make sure the school is using the iPads. The Verizon Grant was originally given to only two D11 schools, one of the schools was Sabin and the other was Mann; this year Mann was the only D-11 school to have the Verizon grant.

Mrs. Sanchez, the school LTE, feels strongly about the iPads.  “I’m exited for kids to learn in different ways, so I really hope that we don’t go back to how it was before the iPads,”  Mrs. Sanchez said.

Mrs. Sanchez was also a 6th grade teacher.  She, along with her students, took part in many educational activities with the iPads.

Some of the apps Mrs. Sanchez and her students used were Pad-Let, Chatterkids, I-Nigma, and Word. She once did a project with her students where her class talked to other students in New Mexico.

A lot of students at Mann feel differently about the iPads. Some say their life would be the same without them and others believe there life would be boring and hard.

A lot of the 7th graders feel the same way about the iPads.  Melanie J., Jace A., and Sydney O. all feel that their school work would be much harder if they didn’t have access to the iPads.

The school librarian, Ms. Boyle, helps Mann students and teachers with all their technology, so she hears how thankful kids are to have the iPads.

“The iPads brought more opportunities to learn about technology, just because I know not everyone has their own computer or internet, it lets you explore things that you might not have a chance to,” Ms. Boyle said.

A lot of students, along with teachers move through the year, they say there is a lot of responsibility – more responsibility then they had years before when they didn’t have the iPads. Mrs. Sanchez and Ms. Boyle have seen many broken iPads or heard about lost iPads.

Students need to take “more responsibility” with caring for their iPads, according to Mrs. Sanchez.