Pin the facts to the mat

Higher expectations held by coaches and schools produce at least 20% better grades and higher attendance from student athletes.

Wrestling is a sport open to anyone in any grade, all that is required is to be a model student. You must be respectful and keep your grades above a D to participate.

“If you think your sports are more important than your grades, then your grades will suffer. I don’t believe sports itself cause grades to suffer,” Miss Donnell said on the subject of athletes having poor grades.

It has been said that time management is an oxymoron because time cannot be controlled, and it is more like priority management. Student athletes have proven to have their priorities in order when they actually care about their academic life.

“We must have very high grades. We must show up for practice every week. We expect to be at every meet and that is a lot to handle,” Coach Pearce said on his expectations for his wrestlers.

54% of student athletes play with injuries. Doing this can result in worsening their injuries, which may affect attendance in some classes.

“At the middle school level of sports it won’t affect it as bad as it would if you were in college,” Mrs. Utz said. “Higher level athletes have more to balance, so, if they get an injury, they will have more to makeup then a middle school athlete.”

Athletics can be very helpful in developing character. It can teach team work, priority management, and leadership skills.

“It’s more about team work and individual effort then leading everyone your own way,” Mr. DePaula said. “Sports teach discipline and commitment. They challenge you and build character for everything you do in life.”