8th graders experience the Pikes Peak Center

In September the 8th grade class went to the Pikes Peak Center to watch a compilation of 6 plays; The Monkey’s Paw, Legend of Sleepy Hollow,The Raven, The Necklace, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, and A Tell Tale Heart. All these plays were put on by a production company, Chamber Theater, from Boston.

8th graders read the stories in Language Arts classes as well as saw the plays. “In the end most of the 8th graders ended up going after saying they weren’t interested,” Mrs. Utz said.

“They were pretty well behaved there were a couple of kids that were goofy at the park but nobody was acting bad at the play which I thought was pretty good,” Ms. Utz said.

Mrs. Utz knew the kids had fun because they laughed, giggled, talked about it, and paid attention during the whole play.

“I would recommend it for next year because it goes with the curriculum of what we’re teaching,” Mrs. Utz said.

The play was a great educational experience that the kids got excited about getting to see.

“I don’t think I would change anything; I hope we can do it again next year because I thought it was a really fun break from school,” Mrs. Utz said.