Hollywood fun

A star is born each and every day at Mann Middle School and the first dance of the year certainly proved that.

WEB, a program designed to help 6th grade students acclimate to the school, was in charge of putting on this year’s first dance.

“We all share ideas…then we all vote and whatever idea gets the most votes is the theme we do,” WEB Leader Cheyenne said.  She explained that they do their best to come up with ideas for dance themes that every kid would enjoy.

This year’s theme was Hollywood: A Mann Dance.

Some people say that decorations are a big part to the dance theme and can be kind of hard to come up with and find. Decorations can be critical and completely harm the whole theme and the dance itself.  People must be careful on what they choose to put up as decorations so that the dance follows the theme and is still fun.

“Again we share our decorations with each other and then we vote for our favorites that go with the theme,” Cheyenne said.  “After that, if we don’t already have those decorations then Ms. Scott goes and buys them. Right before the school day is over and the dance starts we go and put up all the decorations.”

It can be difficult to decide what day dances are going to be hosted because of events happening around the school.  The goal is to provide a day that will fit  into as many student and staff members schedule as possible.

“Usually we do it on a Friday because it’s the weekend after that. So after all the kids are bored and tired they can just go home and relax for two days after having fun at the dance,” WEB Leader Cheyenne explained.  Dances on Mondays or any other day  “wouldn’t be as fun” and the kids wouldn’t really enjoy it as much as they should.

Determining the length of the dance also has to be taken into consideration. It can’t be too short because then it’s boring and no one will want to go to your next dance. In order to have a fun dance and not too long they have to come up with a time that will be a good amount of fun and not to tiresome.

“We don’t really have that choice,” Cheyenne explains, “our teacher decides how long the dance will be and they are usually a hour and a half if not more. Our teacher thinks that that amount of time is almost a perfect time; I think most of us agree with her not because she’s a teacher and it’s bad to argue with teachers, but because it fits perfectly with most of our schedules.”

“We do our absolute best to make dances fun and not to boring and we try to make it to where kids can do a lot more than just dance and talk. This year at our first dance we let kids go outside and play basketball and we will try to keep having other activities like this at our other dances also,” WEB Leader Cheyenne said.