Pep rallies bring positivity

Not only is school a place for academics, but it’s can also be a place where staff and students come together to have fun.

“Pep rallies are a chance for students to get away from academics for an hour; the purpose of a pep rally is to show kids that school can be fun – where students want to be,”  principal Mrs. Segura said.

Mann’s pep rallies are for everyone.

“Our goal for students is to teach them that school can be fun, not just a academic environment, and a place where they would want to be,” Mrs. Segura explained

Pep rallyies also include activities.

The activities included consist of the programs and the clubs available for students to be involved in.

“We showcase programs like the Mann band and Jazz Band, plus we recognize students based on if they are excelling academically, such as WEB Leaders and NJHS. It’s also to recognize our athletes for their hard work; we also want pep rallies to be a time for students to have fun, mostly because it’s a reward for students doing what they are supposed to do on a regular school day.  We try to plan games and activities for students to participate in, ” Mrs. Segura said.

“Pep rallies are fun, and I can’t wait until the next one!” Karma Frisch, a  6th grader, said.

Pep rallies are a great way to reward students for doing their job and they make school a fun learning environment.